1. General rules
      The rules are applied to all purchases made through the ultimate supercar sales group, hereinafter referred to as the Seller. While making an order, the Buyer assures that he/she fully agrees with the terms of the purchase agreement of the Seller and undertakes to keep to these terms. The Seller undertakes to sell and deliver cars to the Buyer in accordance with the Buyer’s order.
    2. Placing an order
      • The Buyer chooses a supercar presented by Ultimate Supercar Sales Group on either their website, mobile app or online media
      • The Buyer indicates his interest in the supercar by getting in touch with one of the representatives of Ultimate Supercar Sales Group
      • The Buyer will provide a letter from his bank indicating proof of funds for the purchase
      • The seller will then hold the car for the buyer for a period of 14 days for the buyer to carry out inspection of the car.
      • Inspection may be carried out by buyer’s own representative or an inspection agency can be made available by the seller at an additional cost
      • Within 14 days, the buyer has to indicate his intention to buy the car
      • Buyer will also indicate delivery preference
      • The car may be picked up directly from the buyer or shipping options can be offered by the seller at additional costs.
      • Shipping can be organized by the seller via Sea or Air. (availability of shipping options from seller will depend on final destination.  Cost of shipping will be borne by buyer)
      • In case seller undertakes to organize shipping, based on location, a door delivery may be possible.
      • A contract needs to be signed between the 2 parties confirming the agreed prices, delivery methods, delivery timeframe and coverages of warranties and guarantees as available for the selected model
      • Within 24 hours after the order confirmation the Buyer will receive a notification letter about the order and an invoice including price of the chosen car and any delivery costs, sent to his indicated e-mail address.  This will also contain instructions for the payment process.
      • Buyer makes the payment
      • The car can be made available to the buyer in the timeframe defined by the manufacturer for that model and based on delivery options chosen
      • Order processing is initiated upon payment receiving on the same day if the payment has been made before 12.00. If the payment has been made after 12.00 the order will be processed the next day. If the order is made on a holiday or weekend, the order will be processed on the first working day after the holiday or weekend.
      • The invoice is valid for 3 working days. If the order has not been paid within this period then it is automatically cancelled.
    3. Payment procedure, execution term of orders, shipment and delivery
      • All supercar prices are indicated in euro (EUR), VAT included, unless otherwise stated. The price does not include delivery costs.
      • The Buyer makes payment prior to delivery of the item by transferring the sum of money indicated in the invoice to the bank account of the Seller.
      • Indicated price for the cars can be changed at the Seller’s own discretion without prior warning of the customers. Price of a car, ordered but not paid for, is valid within 3 working days.
      • If the Buyer prefers the car to be delivered to the address chosen by him then the item will be delivered there within the stipulated delivery days after the moment the Seller has received payment for the car.
      • Upon delivery, the Buyer must open the delivered shipment carefully, without damaging the the car, and handle it with proper care.
      • By giving necessary information while making an order the Buyer confirms that he has been given the knowledge about and he has agreed with usage of his given data so that the Seller could take an order from the Buyer and to deliver the cars in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Having given the information, the Buyer agrees that messages related to processing of his order will be sent to e-mail address indicated by him.
    4. Final terms
      • The Buyer confirms that he agrees with terms of this agreement, after he has read it, before proceeding to use the services offered by the site.
      • The Buyer has the right to print this agreement before making an order and to keep it in printed form.
      • Relations between the Buyer and the Seller which are not stipulated by this agreement shall be regulated by norms of law.
      • The agreement comes to force from the moment of availing of services from the seller and shall be valid until complete fulfillment of obligations of the parties.
      • Any arguments on fulfillment of the agreement shall be solved by means of negotiations. All arguments, disagreements and claims resulting from or related to this agreement which have not been settled by means of negotiations between the Parties, shall be settled in court in compliance with law.
      • Specific Terms and Conditions applicable to certain models will be indicated against the respective model’s details.